Career Guidance And Counselling

Career Guidance and Counselling

Here at Champagne Recruitment, we offer individuals the opportunity to take part in Harrison Assessment as a method of career guidance and counselling.

Choosing a Career with Harrison Predictive Analytics:

Whether you are in high school and trying to decide on your academic future, transitioning from high school and choosing a career path for the first time, looking for a new challenge with a career change, a concerned parent worried about their child, or creating a new life for yourself post-retirement, we are all plagued with questions and doubts about the big decision in front of us.

The Harrison Assessments Career Navigator System provides the most technologically advanced career and self-exploration platform available in the world today. Based on Dr Dan Harrison’s 30 years of global research on what drives career performance, it uses predictive analytics to identify and rank from over 700 careers, the specific jobs that you are mostly likely to enjoy and be successful in.

Career Success Requires BOTH Eligibility AND Suitability for the Job:

People often end up choosing the wrong kind of job because they only consider their eligibility/experience for the role, ignoring their suitability/enjoyment for it. They tend to realise their mistakes only through trial and error after spending years switching from one job to another in an attempt to find a job where they will be satisfied and successful.

There is a better way to identify your best career options and maximise your potential for career success by considering both Eligibility and Suitability.

Highlights of Career Navigator

  • Career Exploration: Find amazing careers and positions for which students are best suited.
  • Career Prospects: Recognise the most enjoyable aspects of a career for each individual.
  • Career Selection: Identify the elements of a job you are likely to not enjoy, potentially saving years of trial and error.
  • Strength Analysis: Acknowledge and reinforce Your Greatest Strengths.
  • Career Guidance: Use the detailed career reports to receive guidance on how to develop their career.

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