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Australian Averages by Industry (2024-2025) 

The Australian job market continues to be a dynamic force, and staying ahead of salary trends is crucial for both employers and job seekers. While exact figures for 2024-2025 are unavailable due to the constantly evolving nature of the market, we can use insights from Seek’s 2023 Salary Report and current economic trends to make an educated projection. 

Expected Growth 

Based on Australia’s projected economic growth and the ongoing demand for skilled professionals, we can expect to see a moderate increase in average salaries across most industries in the 2024-2025 period. Mercer’s Australian Salary Outlook 2024 predicts a median merit salary increase of 3.5%, suggesting a similar rise in average salaries. 

Industry Forecast 

While specific figures remain elusive, here’s a projected landscape based on Seek’s 2023 data and anticipated growth trends: 

Industry   Average Annual Salary (AUD Projection) 
Information Technology $108,600 (Up from $104,895)   
Mining, Resources & Energy  $104,900 (Up from $102,372)   
Finance & Insurance  $90,400 (Up from $87,542)   
Engineering   $89,200 (Up from $86,981)   
Management & Consulting $87,000 (Up from $84,731)   
Sales & Marketing $84,400 (Up from $82,109)   
Education & Training    $85,500 (Up from $83,211)   
Healthcare & Medical $92,000 (Up from $89,102)   
Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics    $83,700 (Up from $81,421   
Customer Service & Support $72,500 (Up from $70,219)   
Administration & Office Support $70,700 (Up from $68,371)   
Retail & Consumer Goods   $66,100 (Up from $63,812)   
Community Services & Non-Profit $64,400 (Up from $62,107)   
Hospitality & Tourism $61,200 (Up from $58,923)   

It’s important to remember that these are projections based on available data and might not reflect the actual situation in 2024-2025. 

Market for Job Seekers: Stay updated on industry trends and salary expectations through job search platforms and salary comparison tools. Leverage your skills and experience to negotiate competitive compensation packages. 

Market for Employers: Conduct regular salary reviews and offer packages that are aligned with market trends and competitor offerings to attract and retain top talent. 

The Future of Work in Australia 

As the Australian job market progresses, factors like automation and the growing emphasis on digital skills will likely influence salary trends. By staying informed and adaptable, both employers and job seekers can navigate the changing landscape successfully. 

Champagne Recruitment’s Final Thoughts: 

The Australian workplace is undergoing a significant transformation. From hybrid work models to the prioritization of employee well-being and the growing demand for data-driven approaches, these emerging trends are redefining the professional landscape. 

Champagne Recruitment understands that navigating these changes can be challenging. We are a partner in your success. 

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